Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Google Me This

So, yeah. I Googled myself. Everyone does that, right? I think? Maybe? (I really ran out of ways to waste time when I was supposed to be folding laundry.) I'm the only Lisa Page Rosenberg that showed up. The first few things I found were expected: this blog, my twitter page, a list of my old jobs on Internet Movie Database, and of course, a photo of me dressed as Princess Leia.

From there I fell into the sphere of The Other Lisa Rosenbergs. What had started as a quick look at my online profile became a search of other people with my name. There is a world full of Lisa Rosenbergs. As I read about them I envisioned the other Lisas and their lives.

I found:
A women's study professor in Ontario.
A professional piccolo player in Michigan.
A nursing professor in Chicago.
A talk show host in New York.
A former ballerina, now social worker in New Jersey.
An artist in Chicago.
A real estate broker in St. Louis.
An associate chemistry professor in Canada.
An opthalmologist in Chicago.
An ad agency creative director in New York.
An internal medicine geriatrics doctor in Nevada.
An assistant principal in Milwaukee.
A mathematics professor in North Carolina.

And this doesn't quite count but I like it anyway:
Lisa's Paint and Body Shop in Rosenberg Texas.

Who do you meet when you Google you?


  1. I met quite a few teenagers with social media accounts, then a couple who recently got married. "It will be an outdoor ceremony (weather permitting) with the reception immediately following in the barn on premises." This is very cool, because that's the same as our wedding, seven years ago.

    I also found a record that I'm a director of my dad's company, which was handy, because I'd forgotten whether I was or not.

  2. I'm always surprised how many other Erin Joyces are in the same field of work as I am - editing, publishing, online content management. Something in the name?

  3. Why did you make me do that???? They're all naked girls in thongs!!!

  4. To me, you are all of these people, wrapped into one statuesque, dent-removing, body-painting package!


  5. It USED to be just me and the costume designer for La Femme Nikita (cool, right?) and then that horrible woman bullied a kid into committing suicide and my name brings her up. Even though she spells her first name differently, there is a website whose goal is to call her out under both spellings. Ugh. What a horrible person to share my name.

    1. That is rotten. It's good you are around to bring light back to that name. xo

  6. I get to Google two ways...
    Because Skip's a nickname I found an actor who was on the original CSI.
    Then there's the name my parents gave me.
    I found the guy who animated the original King Kong.
    He and my paternal grandfather were contemporaries and shared the same name...as did my father.
    Hence, the main reason I am Skip.

  7. A semi-famous basketball player (Jessica Davenport), which is ironic, since I'm barely five feet tall. Though I do currently look like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt.

  8. My married last name is unusual enough that the entries with my married name are all me, but someone who shares my maiden name (same middle initial and birth year too!) is a poet in Hawaii, which is lovely to dream about.

  9. apparently "I" teach callanetic exercises. haha cause im active at all :)

  10. I see me and only me, but I see me from many stages in life. Typical middle schooler, high schooler me, college kid, now graduate me! Pretty soon it'll say lead preschool teacher at Baku International School in Azerbaijan!