Friday, November 8, 2013

The Usual

"I'll have the vegetarian egg white omelette with fruit and an English muffin."

"Very good, and what can I get for you, young man?"

"May I have the kid's turkey sandwich with nothing on it except the bread and the turkey and a tiny bit of mayonnaise on whole wheat bread, toasted? And instead of fries can I have fruit with another extra side of fruit please but not with the green melon just with the cantaloupe and watermelon? And also a milk in one of the cups with the lids and also two straws? And can I have two extra napkins? And did you know I won a character award at school last week? Thank you."


  1. Charming charming charming.

    How could any waitstaff RESIST not bringing a hot fudge sundae on the house.

  2. Now there's a kid who knows what he wants.

  3. This reminds me that it's time to watch "When Harry Met Sally" again. ;-)

    Love this!


  4. If he had not won a character award, it would have been a travesty of justice!

  5. Haha! So cute!
    Btw, i really like the little blurb you have under your profile now. Its so funny.