Wednesday, December 18, 2013


That first Christmas doesn't seem so long ago. The years are moving fast. I want to remember to sit still.

When I tell people that Bob is seven, they say, "That's such a good age." And it is. He likes us. He's snuggly. He'll hold hands. He's still on board with Santa. I know there will be more good ages but I want to notice and feel this age, this Christmas season, this day. He'll be a big boy soon enough. Today he's a little boy and I'm grateful.


  1. Seven was good. So were five, and nine, and eleven. Fourteen... mmph. Eighteen - wonderful.
    Enjoy each and every one. Treasure them all xx

  2. As always, Lisa, you are wise.

    Enjoy and savor.


  3. The best piece of advice I ever got was from my aunt. Ella was six months old and I was already mourning the end of her babyhood. My aunt said "every stage is wonderful in its own way. Make sure to enjoy them all." It was the reminder I needed to be in the present and not worry about what was going to come next.

    The best part, she was right. So far, each age has been great in its very own way.

  4. Alexia hit it for me. The odd's. My eleven year old granddaughter is twelve this year. Marginally less snuggly.
    Happy holidays to all of you.