Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Shopper: The 99 Cent Store Revisited

This year we were back at Bob's favorite place to do his holiday shopping, The 99 Cent Store. He is a thoughtful and practical shopper. Below are highlights from his purchases.

Aunt Jen - Bag of dried chiles "Because she does cooking."

Grandma Jan - 2 cut glass goblets  "For her and Pops' wine."

Pops - Calendar featuring photos of Yorkies  "Like picture friends for his dog."

Mom - White travel cup with bright green stripe  "For Mom's coffee. She always has a coffee."

Dad - Size 9 black socks  (Jeff's a size 15) "He always needs more socks and that time last week when he wore two socks that didn't match."

Miss Judy - Long handled grabber thing  "In case I'm not there when something rolls under her couch this time."

Nikki - Travel cup decorated with cartoon drawings of eyeglasses  "I'm pretty sure she goes places."

Aunt Jill - Bendy Santa and reindeer toy figures  "Since she's Jewish, she might not have enough Christmas decorations."

Barry - Bendy Santa and reindeer toy figures  "I'm thinking he likes toys."

Mee Mee - Orange polka-dot socks  "So her feet will be warm and good looking."

Dawn - Santa hat with attached white yarn braided "hair"  "That hair will look good on her hair."


  1. This cracked me up and, based on Bob's comments, I'm pretty sure Barry and I would get along really well.

  2. I think EVERYBODY should have to shop at 99 cent stores for gifts. Because you really have to think about the other person's life. Instead of throwing an ipad at someone, you have to break down that person and what they need. Brilliant.

  3. I like all the internet children I know, and Bob especially. Well done.