Monday, February 17, 2014

All That's Left Behind

The following is a list of unwanted items we found left behind by the previous owners of our new house:

Jar of Pumpkin Butter
Navy Blue Bathrobe
5 Loose Cipro Antibiotic Tablets Labeled With a Post-It
Drawer Filled With Silverware
Tupperware Lid Filled with Cherry Tomatoes
Chambray Shirt with Bird Scene Embroidery on the Yoke
4 Wire Hangers
Half a Package of Rolos
Small Framed Print of a Parisian Street Scene
Pink Seashell Nightlight
Blue Toothbrush
Nail Clippers With a Leopard Pattern on the Side
Broken Table Lamp
Jeweled Fridge Magnet in the Shape of a Flower
... And One Frozen Bean and Cheese Burrito

Welcome Home


  1. And a partri-idge in a pear treeeee!

    Also, that's my shirt. I've been looking all over for it.

    Happy new house to you!!


  2. Nothing says 'we wish you well in our old home' like a few empty hangers and Cipro.

  3. What kind of person eats HALF the Rolos in the roll?

  4. Uh, medicine just left about -- scary. Bathrobe -- Salvation Army. Print -- keep. Hangers -- you can always use more hangers. Silverware -- do you feel a surge of crafting coming on???

  5. Worst Scavenger Hunt Ever or prop list for Best Episode of MacGuyver?

  6. The weirdest thing was in this house. A "churchy" family lived here and in our walk in closet? the one in the master bedroom?? waaaay waaay in the corner and on the toppest shelf and all the way in the BACK of that, a stack of romance novels. Oh Em Gee.

  7. There was a half-empty box of Cheetos in the cupboard when we moved in to this apartment. Todd made me throw them away. He's so mean.

  8. I think if I were to leave something in this way it would be a map to the first of many hidden clues to an epic treasure hunt around the house's little nooks, hidey-holes, and secret spaces.

    Not only would it be a really fun thing for the new owners to find, but it would also be a great way to bid farewell to the house and rekindle some old memories...