Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wound Up

"Mom? Where is my basketball? I left it on the front porch. Do you think someone stole it? Do you? Maybe someone did. That would be weird. I'll get the mail. Here mom. Is there anything for me? Is there? Mom? What's that catalog? Is it all lady underpants? Teddy's licking his arm a lot. Do you want me to check it? Do you think something's wrong with it, like it might be infected or something? Or do you think he's just licking it randomly for no reason? Can you help me find this Lego piece? It's under the piano somewhere. It's part of the blaster thingy. Mom?'

"Bob, Honey? I think you need to settle down and relax a little."

"Mom, I can't relax. I'm a kid."