Friday, June 20, 2014

A Little Dinner Conversation

"Mom? When I grow up if I have a kid, can I name them God?"

"Hmm. I think that would be disrespectful."

"Yeah, okay. What about Minecrafter?"


  1. Owen and I agreed yesterday that if he ever gets a sister, a good name would be Agapantha, which is one of my favorite words and the name of a flower here. I told him that his parents might not agree, however.
    Didn't Grace Slick name her child "God"?

    1. Agapantha totally works. And I think you might be right about Grace! xo

  2. I've had students named Honey Graham, Heaven Lee, Caracticuss, Wilden Free, and Annakin Skye Locker. Honestly, a kid named "God" or "Minecraft" would not cause more than a smirk at this point.
    PS. In 26 years, I've never taught a kid named Bob, though. :)

  3. The post regarding the child's name is very serious. Bob likes the game
    like all the children but you can't play with the name.