Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Long Good Night

"Good night, Bob."

"Good night, Mom. Wait, Mom? I was thinking that I could maybe give those paper Minecraft things to Micah. Micah likes Minecraft a lot. And then, you know, I wish I could be a cloud because then I could tell all of the other clouds to rain and it would fix the drought. Oh, and I thought maybe you could pack a quesadilla in my lunch tomorrow? But no carrots. I never have time to eat those. Hey and since I don't have black pants for the assembly on Friday, I can wear black sweatpants, right? Flappy Bird is getting so easy for me I think I'm going to start playing it with my left hand, for the challenge of it. Okay, good night, Mom. Wait, Mom? Did you already send my permission slip for the field trip? Okay, really good night. Good night."


  1. Good for him that he has more going on in his brain than the hours in a day can hold. He's going places.

  2. Replies
    1. And next he asks for a glass of water. With ice, xo