Monday, July 7, 2014

E.T. Spoiler Alert

Whispers "Mom? Mom?"

"Shh, Bob. Let's watch the movie."

"But Mom, does E.T. die in this movie?"


"But it seems like someone dies in the movie."

"No one dies in the movie."

"But it seems like that's going to happen and I have to be ready."

"Really, I promise. Everyone's okay in the end."


"Shh, Bob."

"But Dad, does someone die in this?"


"But E.T. looks all dead."

"Just watch and see what happens."

"Not even the dog dies?"

"No one dies."

"Oh, look! He's alive again!"


"Mom? No one died. Why are you crying at E.T.? Are you crying at E.T.? No one dies and he was saved by love!"