Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pretty Young Things, Repeat After Me

"So, Felix watch me moonwalk. You've got to wear socks to do it good."

"I think I can do that."

"You should try. Let me turn the record over. Okay this is PYT. It stands for pretty young thing."

"I think I'm doing it, Bob. I think I'm moonwalking."

"That's good Felix, you've just got to bend your knees like this."

"Like this?"

"Oh my gosh. This is epic. We've totally got to video ourselves."


  1. Just awesome. (completely cute as well, but I thought they would appreciate awesome more than cute.)

  2. Yes - moonwalking is totally epic! Run tell Billy Jean!


  3. The more things change, the more....

  4. You have a record player? I love it!

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