Friday, October 10, 2014

"Had to"

"See, first there's a thing you jump into a hole that is an abyss or not. Then you move on to lava parkour. Then you're in a mine cart, you have a bow and arrow, you try to shoot the painting and your mine cart. And there's also beds to set your spawn. And there's really hard parkour, then you have to shoot a bow and arrow at paintings again, then you have to open the correct door and mine the blocks in front of the door. If you open the correct one, you have to do some parkour and there's one that lava parkour. You climb up a ladder, you get a mine cart, you go off the mine cart track, then you try to not fall in lava. Then there's a sign that says, 'You made it.'"

"I thought you didn't like Minecraft anymore. "

"I didn't but I had to change my mind because I needed to build an epic obstacle course."