Monday, October 12, 2015


Last weekend we spent some time exploring the tide pools at Sacred Cove in Palos Verdes. We were with a naturalist named James. James pointed out the shells, animals, and plants that make up the local aquatic ecosystem.

We watched a small hermit crab duking it out with another small crab over the use of a shell. These two tiny guys had their own story going on, making me think of the endless number of plot-lines inside this tide pool, this cove, this sea, this planet.

Suddenly I felt very small. Small in the way a starry nighttime sky can make you feel small, or a Tokyo rush hour train, or a line at the DMV. It was a perspective changer - a reminder that the universe is vast and I am just a lucky little part of that big thing.

I am just a lucky little part of that big thing.


  1. As are we all. And this brings great peace to my heart.

  2. Sweet post!

    Makes me think about whenever I see a picture of the Milky Way, and all of the planets and how our little blue one looks sooo small. We are all a part of something so large, and each and every one of us is so important and here for a reason....even the little crabs duking it out :)

  3. I just envy your opportunities! It is really nice to travel and discover new places that give you a chance to think a bit philosophic topics and write posts like this. Many people think that current education is failing our would-be writers because they set restrictions on the freedom that writer needs.