Friday, October 23, 2015


I've had the station wagon at the mechanic's for the last few days. I've been using Mr. Rosenberg's car to get around since he's of town. Last night it was time for me to pick up the station wagon. My mom came over to help. She got in her car and Bob and I got in Mr. Rosenberg's car and we both headed for the mechanic's. We were halfway there before we both realized our mistake. We now had three cars at the mechanic's garage and two drivers.

When we got there. The mechanic asked why we had brought both cars. I told him about our confusion. He laughed and said, "It happens." "Does it?" I asked. He replied, "No, not really."


  1. I was hoping this was going to be about breaking your wing mirror as you backed out of the garage. Because, you know, I'm sure that happens to lots of people besides me.

  2. If it makes you feel better, one time Brandon called the pop-a-lock guy because he'd locked his keys in the car. The guy pulled up, looked at the car, reached in through the open passenger window and hit the unlock button.

  3. I love when you make me laugh out loud!!!