Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Morning

"Seatbelt on, Bob?"


"It's Monday! You know what that means?!"

"You wear sunglasses all day even inside?"

"Possibly! But no, I'm talking about the other thing!"

"Oh, right. Where you do a list of stuff and I repeat it. Do we have to do that?"

"I will learn a lot of stuff this week!"

"I will learn a lot of stuff this week."

"I will be kind and stand up for the little guy!"

"Which little guy?"

"Any little guy! And I will have fun!"

"I will have fun. Mom? Did you put pretzel sticks in my lunch?"

"Yes! And the last thing! You know what it is!"

"Be The Awesome?"

"That's right! Be The Awesome!"

"Okay, but mom can you not be so loud when we get to the drop off line?"

"Say it for me, Bob!"

"I'll be The Awesome."


  1. You're an awesome mom! :D

    'You're a Superstar' - by Love Inc. As she was growing up, I made sure my daughter believed that song was written especially for her. <3

  2. Bob is always The Awesome (even the in-between bits that you don't write about here - I'm sure he's still awesome then). x

  3. can you ride with me to work in the morning?

  4. Wonderful momming, Lisa :) I just spent the past hour assuring my daughter that she is a wonderful person and not to let other people's judgement bring her down. Keep up the awsomeness for your Bob!!!