Monday, January 4, 2016

The Worst Place in the World

Mr. Rosenberg has named this cabinet corner in the laundry area, "The Worst Place in the World." We have both had our turns ducking under the cabinet to reach Teddy's bowl or grab something that has fallen out of the dryer, then stood up quickly, slamming our heads into this evil region. resulting in extreme pain, much cursing, and many ice packs. Mr. Rosenberg is 6'4" so he wins the terrible contest of who has murdered the top of their head the most.

Daily, Mr. R conks his head ducking in and out of our tiny, shared bedroom closet. Trees with low hanging branches scrape his forehead. When we moved into this house, we had to take out all of the ceiling fans lest he be decapitated. Still, nothing has caused more pain than the corner of the cabinet.

I have finally ordered baby proofing corners. I haven't ordered them sooner because each time we hit the corner we always think we'll be more careful next time. Also I have been hit on the head too many times to think clearly. In the meantime, perhaps we should start wearing our bike helmets in the house.


  1. You can only imagine how many times I have seen my husband who is 6'9" hit his head on ceiling fans and door frames. It's amazing he's still alive and capable of normal human activity. And on small airplanes? Pure misery. Extra tallness is almost a handicap. But he can see everything. So that's a plus.

    1. Wow! I knew Mr. Moon was tall but 6'9"! xo

  2. In Trader Joe's tonight a kid who reminded me of Bob was shopping with his grandmother(he was dressed uniquely including turquoise crocs) starts doing something that looks like dancing but is actually a mime act of pretending to be pulling himself along on a huge rope through the store with 90 degree turns and moves that Michael Jackson couldn't have done better!Unrelated to your post, although we are tall (husband, grown son & moi~ built everything special in our house!)

  3. Yes, with us, it's the microwave mounted in the corner. What a dumb place for a microwave.

  4. We had a kitchen cabinet like this when I was growing up in Houston. It was RIGHT over the main counter/workspace, and my dad was the one who always got nailed. One night - at dinnertime - it happened for the last time. He went out to the garage, came back in with a saw, and - without a word - took the whole corner off the cabinet while we all stood there watching. In hindsight, I'm sure that's a metaphor for something - I'm just not sure what, exactly.

  5. Can you please order me a helmet too? I have total empathy for Mr. Rosenberg. He gets hit in the head a lot because he's tall. I get hit on the head a lot because I'm short! I'm always grabbing for stuff on high shelves (in my evil closet) that I can't reach, so they fall off and hit me. So irritating!!!