Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year

Photo: Reuters

It's the Lunar New Year so I'm thinking about not resolutions exactly, but what I'd like less of in my life and what I'd like to replace those things with. 

Less sitting still. More galavanting. 
Less The List. More let's see what happens.
Less time looking at words on a screen. More time looking at words on a page.
Less of the Girl Scout Cookies. (It happens.) More from the salad bowl.
Less going the same way. More new streets.
Less coffee. Just kidding. 
Less negative. More dream it - do it.
Less perfectionism. More good enough-ishness.
Less computer keyboard. More piano keyboard.
Less slouching. More dancing.
Less keeping. More giving away.
Less honking. More merge-in-front-of-me-ness.
Less pinched. More kindness.
Less complain. More pray.
Less talk-radio. More loud Bowie playlist shuffle.
Less seek to be understood. More seek to understand.
Less stuff in the garage. More stuff to donation.
Less complicated. More simple. 
Less thinking about writing. More writing. 
Less no eye-contact. More good morning.