Friday, November 18, 2016

The Grandpas

Pops and a wee Bob

Bob and his guys were sitting in front of the house this afternoon. I had the living room windows open and could here them trading stories about their grandpas.

Some grandpas played sports as young men. (He was playing catcher with no mask and got hit in the head with a wooden bat!) Two grandpas are Vietnam veterans. (They slept in ditches and in the morning had to pull leeches off each other!) One grandpa saw combat and another grandpa has a purple heart. (Heroes!) One grandpa drives a big truck. (It has super huge tires!) One grandpa hunts with a bow and arrow. (A gun is too easy!) One grandpa has passed on. (He played golf!) One grandpa was a teacher. (He was everyone's favorite teacher!) One grandpa went to Stanford. (Stanford? He must be really smart!)

And all of the grandpas had one thing in common. Each grandpa was deemed "awesome."

What lucky boys they are.


  1. I remember when I thought that my grandfather was, without doubt, the smartest man in the world and wondered why he wasn't the president. I still think he was pretty grand.

  2. I needed this tonight. Hope is good. Real Grampa heroes!