Friday, November 4, 2016

When You've Got Six Guys in the House

Six guys conversation topics:

Baseball as a professional career.
Who farted?
Who's the best goalie?
The Switch Witch and her spending limit.
Who else farted?
Who flushes? 1 and 2? Different rules for flushing at homes of family and homes of friends.
Who never flushes?
Who cares if their socks match? (No one.)
What is and isn't a bad word.
Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate.
Quote of the day is from Felix: "I trust you guys with my life."


  1. I love Felix, my daughters very best guy friend is Felix! You know that years down the road you will have all these boys in the safety of your house drinking beer and it will be just as entertaining!

  2. I so missed the day when my boys were that age! I have never had so much fun watching movies with kids. They say the most hilarious things. That is unless they have see the movie and are saying it word for word.

    1. Ah, yes. The Fire Marshall Bill impersonations will get you.