Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween/Taco Tuesday

This morning was the Halloween parade at elementary school. On the way in this morning, Bob and I talked about how we're both a little sad that this will be the last one for him/us.

I sat on a bench on the empty playground before the parade started while all of the kids went to their classrooms for attendance. A Rubik's Cube squeezed out of the office door clutching a late slip, and hobbled to his classroom.

It was drizzling, and the loud speaker played Thriller, the Harry Potter Theme, and the worst October earworm ever - Witches Brew. There was a parental paparazzi situation as we jostled each other, "On the other side of the cones please, parents!"

A squid, a unicorn, and a tree walk into a bar...

Yes. I will miss it.

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