Monday, October 23, 2017

Things I Did Today Because Bob Left for Fifth Grade Science Camp for the Week and I'm Fine

Today the entire fifth grade got on school buses and headed to sleep-away science camp for the week.  He's been to sleep-away camp the for a week at a time the last two summers and it was great for all of us. This is not our first sleep-away rodeo.
I'm totally good.
For real.
No, YOU shut up.

Stuff I did:
  1. I had lunch with Karen without having to leave in time to be home by 3:00pm when Bob usually gets back from school.
  2. I left my phone on the table at lunch just in case I got an emergency call from camp. 
  3. I did not get an emergency call from camp.
  4. I ordered a dress from a Chinese website called "Easy Lady."
  5. I had Halloween candy for dinner. (Mostly bite-sized Snickers, if you must know.)
  6. I put away the tiny shampoo that I did not pack in Bob's bag because when I inquired as to the odds of him using the tiny shampoo while he was away at camp Bob replied, "The odds are safely a million to one."
  7. I took the dogs for a walk and made them sit still while I took a photo of the lovely sunset. 
  8. I started humming "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof  because of the sunset photo and because my tiny infant is at fifth grade science camp.
  9. I read the Auto Club magazine Westways that came in the mail today because I forgot for a minute that I'm not retired yet.
  10. I read the Vermont Country Store Catalog and learned that they still sell this:

I totally used Lemon Up shampoo in elementary school. Probably around 1975, fifth grade. Like Bob is in fifth grade. Bob who is at camp and not using shampoo. Camp that I am totally fine with. 

Four more days until Bob's home.