Friday, October 4, 2019

About Your Art

I've heard the idea art isn't just the rarified art of museums and opera houses, but everything you do, every choice you make, is your art. We can't opt out of our art or only have the big stuff count. It's your whole deal. Following are a few ideas for your art list.

The stuff held up by magnets on your refrigerator.
The magnets on your refrigerator.
The time you set on your wakeup alarm.
Your shampoo.
The stamps you pick out at the post office.
The charitable organizations where you volunteer time or money.
The style of your checks.
Whether or not you still have checks.
The way you speak to dogs.
The books on your shelf.
The books stacked next to your bed.
The meals you create.
The way you hug.
Your gym workout, or the couch on which you recline.
The flowers you pick out at Trader Joe's.
The thing you do when you first wake up.
The shows in your Netflix queue.
Do you call them sneakers or tennis shoes?
The way you order off a menu.
The songs you sing in the shower or in the car.
The way you speak to children.
Your guilty pleasures.
The way you sign your name.
The thing you use as a bookmark.
The way you shake hands.
What you do when someone sneezes.

You, in all your glory, are a work of art.