Wednesday, October 23, 2019

September, 1943

I've started reading the letters my grandfather, Robert Lee, sent to my grandmother, Melva, during World War II.  It took going over the first letter a few times, but I was able to pick up his handwriting. 

Apparently Lee's term of endearment for Melva was Puss. They had married in 1942. She was living in their house in Borger, Texas, north of Amarillo. The first letter was postmarked from where he was first stationed at Camp Howze, an infantry replacement training center near Gainesville, Texas on September 13, 1944. September 13 is my birthday.

"... Sent home for the license that I had on our marriage to send to Washington so that they won't stop your allotment. From this end, I haven't been paid and it looks like it will be a month or so before I get anything. I gave Bruce back $5.00 of the $10.00 I borrowed from him to take along with me. Didn't want to get too far into debt... It was rough luck about the ankle chain but I'll fix it and will never take it off again... it isn't silly to be sentimental about it. It makes me so very happy to know you love me too. It just completes everything I ever lacked. Such happiness you've brought to me. Don't ever take it away..."

My heart.