Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Emcee

Our son Bob is obsessed with the 2009 Grammy awards. Through the miracle that is TiVo, in the last five months he has watched his favorite musical performances from the show no less than 60 times. More specifically, he wants to see Coldplay, The Reverend Al Green, Carrie Underwood, U2, and Radiohead. In that order.

Bob started (first 20 or so views) just quietly watching with a polite golf clap after each performance. He then began throwing in a few dance moves during "Viva La Vida". Radiohead’s performance of "15 Step" accompanied by the USC Marching Band was, at our house, further accompanied by Bob Rosenberg on the recorder. Finally, in the past month, he has taken to imitating the introductions to the bands.

“Ladies and gentleman, Reverend Al Green!”

“And now, U2!”

“My former tour mate, Carrie Underwood!”

The intros have started bleeding into other areas of life.

“Ladies and gentleman, bath time!”

“Next up, dinner!”

This week Bob took it to another level. He was tucked in for bedtime prayers. As we put our hands together, he cried out, “Wait! My intro!” He stood up, beat out a tidy little drum solo on the wall and then announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, God!”


Radiohead - 15 Step (Grammys 2009)

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  1. At least he isn't walking around the house imitating a big, purple dinosaur. He's evolved.

  2. I hear that's how Seacrest got started. Except for the recorder part. He played the triangle.

  3. True. Coldplay > Barney

    And Wendi I'm sure you are correct about Seacrest. Now Bob just needs his own tanning bed.

  4. i love reading every bobpost lisa it sends me back to sam at 3
    his obsession at that time was the ken burns jazz series on pbs
    "play loubie mama i wanna hear loubie"
    (as in armstrong) :)

  5. God gives Bob way more than a golf clap

  6. "Ladies & gentlemen, God." I love it. Bet God did too!!