Monday, July 27, 2009

Vaya Con Baja

I would like to tell you a little about how healthy we are in regards to food, about how we eat only local and organic and very little meat or artificial ingredients. However, if I did tell you this I would be a big ol’ bacon eating, drive-thru loving liar. The truth is, when we do eat at home, the eating is good. When we all-too-often eat not at home, the eating is questionable at best.

Our semi-crappy eating habits came to a screeching halt a few weeks back when I discovered my celiac-disease-wheat-intolerance-allergy thing. Part of my effort to re-design our woefully under designed eating plan included checking on the internet to see what fast food I could still eat. (Dear McDonald’s, I do not consider “orange juice” to be fast food and find it patronizing and mean that you choose to include it on your gluten free menu list.)

Really, we don’t do that much fast food. (Define “that much” for yourselves.) I was just needing to see what I could order in that rare event that the day gets away from me and I feel the necessity for a quick dinner – usually this might only happen between Monday and say, Sunday. In particular I was looking to see what I could get for myself from Baja Fresh, the Mexican take out place near our home that I think Bob actually believes is an annex of our kitchen.

Apparently it is safe for me to eat a plastic bowl of beans/rice/salsa called the Bare Burrito. (Not quite as sexy as the name implies.) Upon a quick read of the nutritional information I saw that the Bare Burrito could also be noted as a 700 calorie plastic bowl of sodium/fat/carbs.

Reading further, I saw the stats on Jeff’s favorite Baja Fresh item – The Nachos: Calories per serving: 2,120 with 1,050 of the calories coming from fat. I knew none of this stuff was health food but... um... wow. I was muy alarmed.

I do not know if Jeff will ever forgive me for sharing this news with him. He had eaten his beloved nachos twice in the last five days, which might be ok if that was ALL he had eaten in the last five days but, you know, it just wasn’t. After the shock wore off he made the executive decision that we won’t be eating there again, ever. I back him up on that. The Rosenbergs have officially broken up with that Latin flavored fatty salt lick that we loved so well.

So hasta la vista mi amigo Baja Fresh.
Buenos dias rice cakes.


  1. We have a place called Cafe Rio that I would die if I had to give up. I'm sorry, but it's true. I love it and I may have to marry it.

    I am so sad for you. Whatever will you eat?

  2. SO funny! Cute blog, too. I have a daughter who is five, with a soy is in everything! But as time goes by, we have learned what fast foods are out there that she can eat that are semi-decent. Have fun foraging!!

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  4. As with many things we take and make bigger here in the states, the burrito is a great example.
    Not to say traditional has any less calories per volume, but volume is the key word.
    A traditional Mexican burrito (as with it's sibling the taco) are typically served with a little meat, a little beans and maybe some salsa.
    Es todo....nada mas.
    While the decadence of having a 24" flour tortilla stuffed with meat, beans, rice, guac, sour cream, three different salsa's, then topped with enchilada sauce to make it "mojado" is, umm,
    decadent, it unfortunately has become a norm.

    Don't you get me started on food Mrs. Smacksy!