Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Jeff reported the following exchange took place between he and Bob during bath-time this evening.


 “Everything alright down there, Buddy?”

“I need you to help me take out this ball.”

“Do what now?”

 “Take it out, I want to play with it.” Jeff discovers that Bob is attempting to remove his own left testicle.

 “We don't do that with our parts. They are attached.”

 “Daddy, on your parts, why are there hairs?”

 “Well, when you grow up and become a man –"

“No! I don't want to grow. I want to stop growing. I don't want to be a man!”

 “It's fun. Being a boy is fun too. Growing is a good thing.”

 “But I want to be a lady.”

“Um, yeah, ladies are fun too...”


  1. Ha!!! This is so funny. It's familiar -- once during a diaper change George asked "what those little balls are for." Then he started pulling on "things" and said "oh, it's like a little sweater for it.."


  2. That's hilarious.

    Karen Peterson Matchinga

  3. That's awesome. Wait till he finds out that ladies have balls, too. Bigger, more northerly located balls. That also don't come out.

  4. This just made my day. I love that you wrote about this incident. Because it is so fun to write about bals. And we need stories like these to get us through the "going through the motions" type of day.