Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smacksy Sunday Link: Keeping Up With the Johnsons

You will, of course, recall my Sunday Link to our friend Garth Johnson’s delightful blog Extreme Craft. I know it's one of your favorite things now. You’re welcome.

Well, there is some big news in Johnsonland, folks. Garth and his wife Claire have bought their first house. Casa de Johnson is a big, gorgeous Victorian that this brilliant couple of artists will be renovating. They will be chronicling their home-reno adventures on their blog Keeping Up With the Johnsons, featured on the Ready Made website.

As Garth puts it, “Those of you who live in older homes will smile knowingly, while those of you who are still renting might feel a little happier writing that check to your landlord each month…”

Keeping Up With the Johnsons is like HGTV with cool people and without the daily nine hours of House Hunters International.

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