Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out in the World

Photo from here

"Bob, we're going to Steve and Rene's tonight to meet baby Edgar."

"He's all done now?'

"Yep. He's all done. He was born two days ago."

"So he's not in a tummy in anymore?"

"Nope. He's out in the world."

"On earth?"

"Yes. He's brand new here."

"I will need to show him lots of things like Backyardigans and Storm Troopers."

"That's true."

"Maybe when he's bigger... So how do babies get out of tummies?"

"Oh. Well... often they come out of the part of the mama that's..."

"Where the pee comes out?"

"No, but near there. And sometimes the doctors make an opening across the mama's belly and bring the baby out that way. That's how you came out because you were too big to fit out the other way."



"I very need to talk about other things now."


"Boba Fett is a bounty hunter."

"He is."


  1. Boy you got off easy!! I bet you were sweating there for a minute and ready to pass this one off to Daddy.

  2. Bob, I'm so glad you very needed to talk about something else because, frankly, so did I.

  3. The birds and the bees make me wish for Star Wars too!

  4. "I very need to talk about other things now."

    I wonder if you could turn that line back around on him at some point?

  5. Oh my goodness... that Bob. Le sigh.

    And that pic? Ooof.

  6. Whaaaaat?

    Pee places?! Cut tummies?!

    I need to call my mother. She has some 'splainin' to do.

  7. I'm impressed you even mentioned the c-section possibility. You're brave.

  8. "I very need to talk about other things now."

    My husband uses this line whenever any subject related to female hygiene comes up. And furniture purchases.

    Both of those make him woozy.

  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tid-bits of real life.
    I'm in love with your family.
    You handled this subject fabulously! (Even if you were rescued by Boba Fett, the bounty hunter.)

  10. "I very need to talk about other things now." That line has made me laugh every time I thought of it today!

  11. I am owning that line from now on. "I very need to talk about other things."

    That will come in handy in this small town..

    Thank you, Bob, as make the world a little easier for me.

  12. You can always rely on Boba Fett for a good subject change.

  13. I really want to have a limited edition letterpress card made with the "...very need..." quote and an attribution to Bob. How often would I whip those babies out and glide away, wordlessly? The kid's a prophet; might as well make some profit.

  14. I very much think I laughed very out loud.

  15. He reached his limit and voiced it to you in a mature way. I think he's all grown up now.

  16. Oh how I love all things that begin with B: Boba Fett, Bounty Hunters, and of course, Bob!

  17. He is such a little man. (And yes, I have this conversation with Luke every time I start talking details about baby #3. Notice I said Luke and not Clark.)