Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Same and Different

"So Bob, those guys are aliens or humans?

"The Clone Troopers are humans but they are clones... and troopers."

"If they all look alike how do you tell them apart?"

"They all look like Jango Fett but with different hair and everything. They have names. My clone troopers have names."

"Who's that guy?"

"I call him Garlic Jim."


  1. Looks like a Garlic Jim to me.

  2. My son had an action figure called potato Bob. Maybe we could get them together and make a nice gratin.

  3. Does he hang out with Paprika Zeke?

  4. I dated a guy named Garlic Jim. I always wondered what happened to him. Now I know he became a clone trooper and an action figure.

  5. Bob has surpassed Henry in his star wars awesomeness. "Garlic Jim" takes the cake

  6. Not sure if you remember Rescue Heroes (or if they are still around?) but my son had this beefy fire fighter of a guy and one day I asked him what his name was (bc they all had these cool names). He said, "I don't know (pause) but I call him Jenny."

    Alrighty then.

  7. Ha! Our little guy has one he calls Pickle Bob.

    Where does it come from?????

  8. with a name like that I will never make out with that guy and God knows I was pretty close

  9. Jim was at my house on Tuesday. I don't know if it was "garlic" Jim but he was here.

    I told him to go home for awhile. We were going to eat dinner.