Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Re-thinking the Nicknames

Evidence of a Playdate in Progress

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

"What's wrong?"

"Brandon was over there and then me and J.P. were playing over here and then my noggin hit J.P.'s noggin and now the noggin part of my body is hurting. It's hurting so much!"

"I bet it is, Poops. Let me see. J.P. are you okay?"

"Yeah... Bob's Mom? You called Bob, 'Poops.'"

"Yes, I did."

"That was funny."

"Mom, you should call me just Bob."

"Okay, Just Bob."


"Bob's Mom? That was funny too."


  1. Snort. I like that. Poops. Oh how I'm sure he is about to make you stop saying it though.

  2. hahaha...glad Bob's friend appreciated your humor. funny!

  3. Someday I'll tell him about Flanken.

  4. Amazing how one loses one's name once the kid is old enough for play dates.

  5. Oh my gosh!! I call my son Poops!!!!