Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dream Catching

Jeff and Bob and I rode in the car together this morning to the mechanic's shop.

"Mama? Daddy? I had a dream about God last night," said Bob.

"What did you dream?" said Jeff.

"I dreamed that God came out of heaven and was a human and walked around on the planet just like the other human people but he wasn't a human, he was still God."

"Wow. Where'd you hear about that?" I said.

"I didn't hear about it, I dreamed it, last night."

"Anything else, Bob?"

"Yeah. Can I please have the other half of my Popsicle for breakfast when we get home?"

"No, but maybe after breakfast, little oracle."

"You mean little Popsicle."

"You're good, Bob."


  1. I am loving these exchanges! The little oracle/popsicle has quite the fan base going!

  2. Oh Bobby, you are the best! Love you little popsicle!

  3. Channelling the collective unconscious? Zen sage? Popsickle/Star Wars Lover?
    Yes! Bob Rosenberg is all of these things.

  4. I'm going to let my kid know that yes, in fact, God does have feet.
    Bob said so.


  5. My two morning addictions: Coffee and a Bob-story to start the day off right.

  6. Ha! Bob kills me! He and Levi should meet. Levi was trying to give God my cash today while we were in the dressing rooms at Target.

  7. hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahha

  8. Are we allowed to ask Bob to dream about stuff?

    Like maybe about lottery numbers and such like?

  9. and the thing that gives me chills?

    How did he know??

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    Brian Bedell

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