Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

This is one of my favorite things I've read this week and it's written by one of my favorite writers. (Thanks to Heather for letting me in on it.)

The site downtownfrombehind is just cool.

Perhaps because Jeff and I were the only guests at our Vegas wedding, I have a soft spot for couples who choose to elope. I saw this sweet elopement video on Design Sponge and even though I don't know this couple, it makes me a little teary.

Happy Sunday.


  1. that you and Jeff eloped to Vegas makes me want to marry you.
    how about this one?

  2. Each link was a treasure this week. Thanks Lisa.

    Love your new photo.

  3. 1. I am in love with that elopement video. I cried over my turkey bacon and eggs. Cried over my coffee when I watched it a second time. Sigh.

    2. Love, love, love that Sunset article. I completely agree with her words. . . .I gave up some of my favorite TV shows to write/blog. It makes my life so much richer to write. . . .

    3. Down from behind blog reminds me very much of this incredibly witty blog that was a blog of note last year called "Running from the Camera." This guy in Holland essentially goes places, sets his camera on the timer and hauls ass. Whatever shot he gets is what he posts. Says his camera has been stolen a few times, but he keeps at it.

    Check it out when you are bored:

    4. Don't forget to change your clock. :)

  4. "It is our true wealth, this moment, this hour, this day."
    Thank-you, Anne Lamott. Thank-you, Lisa.

  5. i LOVE anne lamott, so thank you so much!

  6. I LOVE Anne Lamott, and I saw that engagement video earlier this week. So sweet.

  7. Thanks so much, I always enjoy your posts, but the Lamott link and the elopement video were especially meaningful and touching.

    Life is fragile. Let's consciously live each moment intensely in honesty, gratitude and generosity.

  8. that article and the video were so amazing, thank you :) I needed that extra bit of serenity

  9. the elope video was so beautifully done. intimate, creative, sweet and fun! makes me want to go elope. now i just need to find a man and fall in love ... it's on my list of to do's......:)