Monday, April 4, 2011

Are We There Yet?

photo from here

"Mom? Is tomorrow the day we're going to Lego Land?"

"No. We're going on Thursday."

"Is today Thursday?"

"No, today is Monday."

"Is tomorrow Thursday?"

"No, tomorrow is Tuesday."

"So are we going the day after tomorrow?"

"No, the day after tomorrow is Wednesday and we're going on Thursday."



"I think we should just go to Lego Land today."

*This post is not endorsed.


  1. Oh, magic! I took my children to Legoland last summer and we still talk about it every single day. Enjoy! xoxox

  2. Yeah, Mom. Why AREN'T you just going today?

  3. He is going to go CRAZY!!!! In a good way:)
    Sunblock, hat, snacks, comfortable shoes, water. You will be there until it closes.
    Bon Voyage.

  4. Lisa, next time you come to Lego Land, let me know--we are just 10 minutes south!

  5. He did NOT like the answers he was getting.

    So cute.

    Mama? Pictures, please?

  6. He is going to have so much fun! I can't wait to hear about your time there!

  7. I told my kids that Lego Land was something fictional, something people just talked about but didn't really exist. You know, like the Easter Bunny or seeing a proper dentist.

    I hope Bob has fun, but please don't tell my kids about it.

  8. You better have a notepad handy...Thursday is going to be BUSTING with Bobisms!

  9. Lovely ;) Hope he had already been there.

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