Monday, June 27, 2011


"Mom? When will I not have chubby cheeks anymore?"

"Who said you had chubby cheeks?"

"Coop said that maybe I can't be Harry Potter for Halloween because I have chubby cheeks."

"Your cheeks are beautiful and perfect."

"What does chubby mean?"

"When you're talking about cheeks, chubby means round. You know who used to have chubby cheeks?"


"Your mother. I'll show you a picture of baby-me."

"You had those cheeks? They're not chubby now."

"Your cheeks might change as you get older but they are outstanding cheeks, no matter what."

"I'm going to be Harry Potter for Halloween."

"You'll be a terrific one."


  1. Hahaha cutest baby picture ever! Bob looks so much like you did as a kid!

  2. This is a wonderful conversation. It warmed my heart, I can't wait to have conversations like this with my little boy!

  3. You were so cute! Tell Bob chubby cheeks are the best.

  4. Wait...he's going to be Harry Potter for Halloween? Has there been a shift in the Force?
    I'm surprised you still have cheeks at all. How did you manage to grow into adulthood without having them pinched and kissed off?

  5. Kids are supposed to have chubby cheeks. But very few are blessed with Mama's gorgeous cheekbones.

  6. Oh my gosh! He is seriously so precious. I love squishy cheeks! They're so kissable and sweet. Bob can be whoever he wants to be for Halloween and Coop better believe it! =]

    It's also awesome that he wants to be Harry Potter! I was expecting something a little more Star Wars themed. =]

  7. For Bob's information -- chubby cheeks are the BEST!!!!! :)

  8. He's going to be an awesome Harry. :)

  9. Wow. Did your cheeks slide up and become cheekbones? That's the best trick, Lisa. Tell Bob he'll need the chubby cheeks to hold up his glasses.

  10. "Bob, you are going to be lucky and have mama's outstanding cheekbones."

  11. Tell Bob that when I get to L.A. next month I'm going to kick Coop's ass.

    For real.

  12. baby hal is gonna be baby harry potter. i think. we have some mega cheeks in this family. they are the better for kissing kind of cheeks. you look like a little baby doll in that photo. completely adorable, the both of you.