Friday, June 24, 2011

So Many Questions

"Mom? When is daddy going to retire from working?"

"Daddy's a young man so probably not for thirty years or maybe more if he really loves what he's doing."

"How old will I be then?"

"Maybe thirty-five or forty-five."

"I probably won't live in your house anymore then."

"Probably not."

"Can I still come over for dinner every night?"

"If you're doing the cooking, then sure."

"Will I still be your son when I'm twenty-years-old?"

"You will be my son forever."

"Can I have one of those little ice creams in the fridge?"



  1. It's been a rich week of Bob. Thanks Lisa.

  2. Yes. He will always be your beloved son. And you will still cook for him whenever he wants. Believe me.

  3. This is great! George and I recently talked about this.

  4. So future-minded! He has a great sense of how people grow and change.

    Glad to see that he's happy to live in the present ice-creamy moment as well.

  5. I bet he'll ask the same question (about the ice cream) when he's 35 and coming to your house for dinner. ;)

  6. Way to set up that yes on the ice cream, sweet Bob.