Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Negotiator

"Tell me about this battle in the living room, Bob."

"It took me and Coop 75 minutes to build it and it is very awesome."

"That part I know. I'm wondering when you are planning to clean it up."

"When's the next dinner party?"

"Next month."

"Definitely by then."

"I was thinking more like today by dinner time."

"But I have more battling scheduled for tomorrow morning. How about if I do it by lunchtime tomorrow and you can help me and also I could have a peanut butter cup and a light saber fight in the backyard? How does that sound, Mom? Good, right?"


  1. Dude's backing you into all sorts of corners these days.

  2. I love how the dog is sitting quietly in the background of this picture. lol

  3. I love how the dog is sitting quietly for once and could scatter everything with one manic sweep through the room. Which she is completely capable of doing.

    I would like the peanut butter cup. I can live without the rest.

  4. I babysat my 3 1/2-year-old neighbor boy this morning and we had similar negotiations as to whether or not he was going to explore my basement without me. I think he and Bob might be soulmates, although my little neighbor prefers Batman to StarWars (a shock, I know). I love it when he wears his full Batman mask to church.....

  5. I swear my kid and Bob would get along so well. My kid with Iron Man and his Transformers and Bob on the other side lining up Star Wars. Craziness.

  6. The dog is totally part of the battle-scene...

  7. Funny... I have Peanut Butter Cupping scheduled for tomorrow morning and battling after lunch. Weird, huh?