Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Check Up

"Mom? Why was Douglas from around the block at my dentist appointment?"

"He just happened to be at the dentist office for his appointment at the same time you were."

"But he watched my whole appointment."

"I think he wanted to see how a big boy like you acts at the dentist, Bob."

"I think he just wanted to watch that Winnie the Pooh movie that was on the TV in the ceiling over my lay-back chair."


  1. Oh man. I'd watch that movie too.

  2. SO CUTE.

    How did Bob do?

    Baby E does alright...so far, so good.

  3. Who could blame him?

  4. You have a tv at the dentist ceiling? SO JEALOUS.

  5. Damn straight that's what he wanted to do since we all know Bob flosses twice a day already.