Thursday, September 22, 2011

Okie Doke

"Dad? Is that picture on the plant pottery from olden times?"

"Possibly. When do you think 'olden times' were?'

"You know, like 1999 or something?"


  1. Hey, my 7th graders would agree with Bob on this.

  2. Oh, yes.

    My kids can't believe we were married in the 1900's, as they call it.

  3. Seriously. We were born in a different century. This officially makes us old. (Yes, I realize it was also another millennium, but century is bad enough.)

  4. Well, that was the big party, right?
    I need more fiber and some reading glasses.

  5. Wow. Bob can make even us young(ish) folks feel old. ;) lol

  6. Yeah, we're old, but we still party like it's (you guessed it) 1999. What got to me about 1999 was that Barbara Bain and Martin Landau weren't hurtling through space on an asteroid. Then again, the moon was still in it's orbit, so I guess that's good.