Friday, August 24, 2012

He Brought This Home

Bob sailed through the first day of kindergarten. School was "so fun," his teachers "super nice." I was just fine and held it together quite nicely until I read the sheet he brought home. I was cool and then I got to the "apple of your eye" line and I fell apart just a little. Sure, the rhyme's a little wonky but really, I didn't stand a chance.

There are many apples in the world,
This one's special - here's why:
'Cause this was colored just today
By the "apple of your eye."
So keep this in a special place;
It will help you to recall I trust
My first day in Kindergarten,
The twenty-third day of August.


  1. oh kindergarten, why must you steal our Lego lovers?

  2. Oh gaaa!


    Now I can't see a golldang think on this keyboard.

    Heartbreaker. HEARTBREAKER.

  3. It's a plot by the teacher to get you to like her, too.
    Don't fall for it.

  4. Oh, Lisa.

    Those little apples.

    Some days they're cider, some days pure unadulterated vinegar, but mostly they are pie, aren't they? :)

  5. Why do they do this to us? Mine came home with a hand print, and a poem about smudges on windows and walls. In short: look at this little hand print when the kids are grown, and my windows and walls are clean, to remind me of my little guys. I couldn't see straight for an hour.

    Glad the first day was good!

  6. The Empress and I are on the same page, as usual.

    I don't even mind the forced rhyme.


  7. Damned iambic pentameter!

    It's the most wistful pentameter of the bunch.

  8. It's like they want you in tears. Sobbing at the mercy of a crayola colored apple, an excellently colored apple I do believe.

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