Thursday, August 9, 2012

Take a Walk

I’m not what you’d call an exerciser. In school when it was time for P.E. I always had lady cramps. I don’t have a gym membership. I can’t swim and I don’t run unless the dog gets out. I have one pair of sweats. They're maternity sweats. My kid is six.

I’m not completely inactive. I do walk my kid to school everyday unless it’s raining or it’s too hot or we’re running late. I do pilates once a week-ish with my friend Kim who is an excellent trainer. In between the pilates we drink coffee and gossip about ourselves and it makes the pain less noticeable. That’s it. That’s my whole athletic deal. That is why it’s alarming to most people who know me, that I have signed on to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara next month. The walk is 39.9 miles over two days.

I’ll wait here for you while that sinks in a little.

Me. Two days. About 40 miles.

Some years ago my friend Wayne Federman ran the New York Marathon. He didn’t train. At all. Wayne just laced up his Converse low tops and hit the road. He’s quirky like that. Last week my friend Karen asked if I might consider training a little bit for the walk or if I’m going to Federman it.

Here's my plan: I will purchase cute new walking shoes on the internet. I will also invest in a couple of bottles of sunscreen and a palette of Ibuprofin for the big weekend. What’s the worst that could happen? Fine. I'm totally Federman-ing it.

In the meantime, I could use some help reaching my donation goal. If you can’t afford to donate, maybe you can help by keeping a good thought for me that weekend. (9/22-23) Please send out positive vibes that will keep me out of the First Aid tent and keep photos of me wearing a visor off of the internet.



  1. Awww yay, Lisa. I am giggling at your plan to Federman it. I would suggest breaking those cute shoes in,though. The first aid peeps will be able to assist you if you have chest pain but if your feet start hurting from too-new shoes, they won't have a good remedy. Trust me on that, I'm a doctor. Hee hee.

    This is good. You are good, too.

    P.S. This lengthy post from you excited me. Hmm.

  2. Thanks Dr. Lady. I will find a way to break those shoes in, I promise! I also promise not to post photos of blisters or other maladies. Probably. xo

  3. It certainly is a noble endeavor, walking 40 miles in two days (for a nonwalker) is sort of like you entering the 'butterfly' stroke in the Olympics...when you can't swim!
    Again, a wonderful endeavor. AND, may I suggest new bandaids that are gel filled!...MAZEL TOV!

  4. I want you to walk all 40 in those pink Cons.

    Proud of you.

    1. Thank you! And that could totally happen. I mean probably will happen.

  5. You're gonna rock that walk!
    I vote for a partial Federman= Break in the shoes+Get the gel bandaids (who knew?) Then go for it!

    Can you bring your phone? Cause that would take care of about 20 miles.

    1. Yes! I think a Federman-partial is in order. Plus iphone. Plus bus pass. Just kidding. Sort of.

  6. I've got a friend who's walked or crewed for 16 years in multiple cities. She's got some hot kicks. I can hook you up with her for tips on how to stay sane for the 39. You're pretty much on your own for the last .9 (I figure The Bob & Mr. R. will help bring you in with their cheers.)

    Wok on.

  7. 10,000 steps a day! :P you can do it!!!

  8. Okay. I think you're insane. But I'm supporting you. :-)


  9. I'm doing the same walk, Lisa. Last year I did the 60 miles over 3 days. I haven't been able to train this year though, so I'll be winging it at this point too! We're local though, so if you want to do some walking before let me know!