Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The State of the Rosenbergs

1. Kindergarten is still treating Bob right.  His teacher is "cool because she plays Angry Birds at home," which is exactly what I was looking for when we uprooted our lives to move specifically into this school district. Yay.

2. Teddy is fabulous. He is a sweet dog with an apparently insatiable appetite for throw pillows.

3. Little Violet has had a rough time, as kitty weeks go. She gets dehydrated easily and has lost some more weight. There's a sway (different than a swag) to her walk but she still loves sitting in laps and getting brushed so on we go.

4. Daisy is loving having another dog in the house. She is building up a little more stamina with the constant dog playing that Teddy is into. She's looking more like herself and less like she's been at a rave for the weekend.

5. Mr. Rosenberg had a delightful time at his twenty year high school reunion in East Lansing, a couple of weeks ago. His experience is making me look forward even more to my own thirty year reunion coming up in October. The main difference as far as I can tell is that I'm already starting to think about what I might wear to my event, while Jeff just kept on what he happened to wear on the plane to his.

6. I am still at a bit of a loss with my new found, empty three and a half hours in the middle of every business day. I'm actually starting to check off some of the things I put on a to-do list back in June and it's freaking me out a little. Please expect my Pinterest pinning to increase exponentially as I acclimate to this free time.

Good talk.


  1. Angry Birds is a college requirement, I believe.

  2. You always make me smile. I have free time for the first time in years as soon as the school year starts. I'll have to share some pins.

  3. Yes! We can wave at each other across the boards...

  4. Our golden Eddie also loves himself a throw pillow or two. Throw a flip flop into the mix and it's a feast for a king.

    Too bad Teddy and Eddie live so far away from each other. They'd be BFF's. Paws down.

  5. Plane attire to a reunion is perfectly ok!

  6. I'd play Angry Birds if my phone wasn't from the 1990s. Can't wait to read about your reunion! Enjoy your new free time!

    1. Thanks Marianne! I have yet to play it myself. I kind of don't understand it really. Tetris was always my game.

  7. LOL Jack would love if his teacher said that. Kindy is also going well in our house. I have filled my 3 hours with trying to learn spanish and trying to exercise more. Maybe I should just do the pinterest thing instead ;).

  8. But you won't have to go on a starvation diet for your reunion the way some people had to...and also buy an assortment of foundation garments. Molly