Thursday, February 21, 2013


"Mom, can I open the organic box?"


"Is this kale?"


"What's this thing?"

"That's fennel. Dad puts it in that really good potato leek soup he makes."

"These are just oranges."

"Actually those are called blood oranges. The inside of them is red."

"Mom? This is almost like learning."


  1. Don't try pulling any of that learning stuff on me, Lisa. I mean it.

    (Please tell me you also have a Frito-Lay box.)



  2. I am a member of an organics club too! I love getting all kinds of veggies I have never bought myself. Escarole, rainbow chard, champagne grapes... so much fun to learn about and figuring out how to use.

    1. Just trying to get it all eaten fast enough! A fantastic problem to have... xoxo

  3. That is EXACTLY learning! Don't ever stop asking those questions, Bob! Little did you know, but you hit upon one of the main reasons I started homeschooling. [Enter crazy-denim-jumper-lady]. This natural curiosity, what Charlotte Mason calls the natural "desire for knowledge" which is in us all was being slowly sucked out of my children in regular school. It is too often replaced by a desire for good grades, or for praise, or acceptance, or prizes, or rewards, and the dreaded desire to "just get by". What ever happened to the love of learning? the joy of discovery? As CM says, "the desire for knowledge for its own sake, on the other hand, finds satisfaction in knowledge itself." or at least it did at one point when we were like Bob. Ok. Crazy-denim-jumper-lady is leaving now.