Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brokedown Palace

It started with the DVD player. It only worked sporadically and after awhile, we had to pick it up and shake it to make it play. Then it stopped working at all. It was a VCR/DVD combo which should tell you something about its age.

Soon after, my laptop stopped holding a charge and now will only work if it's plugged in.

Last weekend, Jeff went running and took a spill. He scraped up his left leg and his right hand landed  on his iPhone, his iPhone landed on the sidewalk. His hand and the phone both still work but the phone screen is cracked.

We bought our vintage chesterfield sofa from a couple in Silverlake last year. The couch itself is sturdy but the cushions had a lot of mileage on them. I finally brought them to Salvador the upholsterer in Highland Park. He promised they'd be done in a week. That was six weeks ago. Meanwhile, we're sitting on an old blanket on the couch frame.

The Check Engine light is on in Jeff's Honda and one of the headlights is burned out. The heater smells like wet dog.

On Thursday, the microwave shorted out, taking the electricity on the north side of the kitchen with it. I re-set the breaker so the electricity is back but the microwave is done microwaving.

Four out of five bulbs in the light fixture over the dining table burned out in one day.

My friend Karen accused us of "going Amish."

Friday morning, we woke up covered in feathers. The dogs had chewed into the down comforter and its cover during the night and we were feathered in the process. We looked at each other, covered in down and knew, we'd had enough.

A trip to Target took care of quite a few things. A new couch was ordered online and our beloved chesterfield is taking residence in the rehearsal space in our garage. We dropped Jeff's car off at the mechanic today. One trip to the Apple store ought to take care of the rest. (And now you know everything we're doing with our tax refund.)

We're set until that one week, a few years from now, when this all goes down again.


  1. Good Lord! I had no idea you'd gone Amish. I hope today starts a new phase of fully electrified and feather-free lifestyle for all of you.



  2. Amish In South Pas. veloured and feathered.

    My favorite show.


  3. At least you have a tax refund :) I do love that couch of yours - hope to see it in a pic again sooner rather than later...

  4. When it rains..... :)
    This was quite a tale.

  5. I love this! I wrote, I swear, the same blog post about three or four years ago! hah!

  6. My friend just sent me a recipe for Amish cinnamon bread. Shall I email it to you?