Monday, May 4, 2015

39 Ways My Girlfriends Have Saved My Life

Chrissy, Barbara, and Me. 1968

I am blessed with the most wonderful girlfriends. They have shaped me into the woman I am today. They save my life all the time.  Here are only 39 of the ways.

She calls me every morning.

She talked me into joining the PTA and then made me glad I did.

She got me to leave the country, when I was too depressed to leave the house.

She is my son's Godmother.

She convinced me I can do anything I want with this life.

She introduced me to a network of other girlfriends online that live all across the country.

She remembers my personal history better than I do.

She got sent to the assistant principal's office with me in seventh grade for bringing a suggestive Judy Blume book to school. (Forever, 1975)

She filled my freezer with homemade soup for when we brought the baby home.

She got me published.

She sends me sweet gifts for no reason and all the reasons.

She sang Captain and Tennille songs into a hairbrush/microphone with me in her childhood bedroom.

She always remembers my birthday.

She let me use her brown Pinto to take my driver's test.

She convinced me to try online dating, and there I met my husband.

She loves me like her own daughter.

She will add my son to her busy day, no sweat.

She shared an office with me for seven years.

She will tell me if my lipstick color isn't quite right.

She gave me her dog.

She jumped out of an airplane with me. (Literally and figuratively.)

She was the perfect roommate.

She calls on every holiday to tell me how much I mean to her.

She showed me how to give to those who need it and expect nothing in return.

She told me I could write.

She introduced me to her boyfriend who gave me my first (non-waitressing) job.

She gives me clothes she knows will look good on me.

She showed me how to be a mom.

She made prank phone calls with me to Scott Feldenheimer in fifth grade.

She is interested in all of my details.

She went on lunch dates with me that would turn into impromptu road trips.

She asked me to be in the room for the birth of her son.

She tells me about what my husband was like as a kid.

She cries when sad things happen to me.

She showed me how she got sober and how I could get sober too.

She takes me on adventures.

She introduced me to The Clash, The Cure, and The Smiths.

She packed up our house and helped me move when our son was three months-old.

She makes me laugh every time. Every time.