Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Look Down but Also Look Up

Mr. Rosenberg and Bob jumping into the swimming hole.

Yesterday was our last full day on the island. We visited a large ranch and together with three lovely families and two tour guides we loaded into a van. The guides led the way. They were funny and smart and knew how to keep us safe.

We hiked in ankle deep mud, the kind that threatens to suction the shoes off your feet. When I remembered to look up from the mess at my feet, I took in the extreme beauty of the path we were on. 

I rowed a kayak for the first time since 2002. The creek was narrow and I got caught sideways once and recreated the Austin Powers luggage cart scene trying to right myself. I rowed on. I was surrounded by trees and vines that made a canopy overhead.

We took turns zip lining across a small valley of green. When I sat back and made myself breathe as I crossed the line, I witnessed a lush carpet of fern down below and the cloud-patchwork sky up above. 

The guys jumped  into the swimming hole near a waterfall. I just had my hair blown out the day before so I did not get wet because priorities. It was fun to watch the swimmers and take in the loveliness of the scene. 

In the new year, I wish you the drive to do something scary or uncomfortable or muddy because you know the outcome will be worth it. I wish you the determination to keep your eyes on the road and still have the mindfulness to look up and notice the beauty around you. Look for the guides. Enjoy your adventure.