Friday, July 8, 2016

Class 5

When I went to Knott's Berry Farm last summer with Bob, I rode the Silver Bullet roller coaster with him. The Silver Bullet is a "Class 5" on the 1-5 scale of "aggressive thrills." I was scared. I pulled the safety bar down, said a prayer, held on for dear life, and later I threw up. Right now, the world is feeling just like that. A Class 5.

The violence here in America, in Baghdad, in Europe, in Saudi Arabia, in Istanbul is overwhelming. I know that physical violence and violent hate speech is not new, it's our ability to watch it, to hear it, and to bear witness up close that is. I am angry and terrified for our planet. I am also searching for hope and a way to help.

I will speak out. I will look for concrete ways to help. I will seek to give my heart to the victims and survivors. Listening to this clip from a talk by Brené Brown is a good place to start.