Monday, July 25, 2016

Headed to Camp

Bob said goodbye to Teddy before leaving for sleep-away camp yesterday morning. He'll be gone for six days - five days longer than he's ever been away from us. He was nervous-excited-worried he wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Mr. Rosenberg and I were also nervous-excited-worried we wouldn't be able to fall asleep.

Night one went fine with no distress calls from camp to home, or home to camp. We saw a happy photo of him on the camp website today. Tonight Mr. R and I went out to dinner, just the two of us.

I think we're all going to do just fine.


  1. Beautiful photo, looks like Bob is re-assuring Ted that everything will be just fine while he is gone. To mom and Dad too...he's spreading his wings.

  2. So exciting! Sleep-away camp! Bob is truly growing up.

  3. And won't he be the chatterbox when he comes home!