Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When a Song Chooses You

How does your brain pick which song to set on replay?

For the past week, it's been this one. This is a song I like, which is fortunate, because I could just as easily have been stuck with "Sister Christian" or "Mambo #5" or "Tie a Yellow Ribbon." (I say this from previous, awful, experience.)

I picture all the songs I've ever heard, inside my mental juke box, laying dormant until something in my consciousness releases them. How is this one chosen? Is it all random or do the song choices have meaning, like dreams do?


  1. I'm reading Brian Grazer's book about curiosity right now and this is a perfect example (and also a trait I admire about you--your curiosity).

  2. If it doesn't make sense then blame it on the maintenance crew like in "Inside Out". :)