Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Love, Dad

We're sending letters to Bob while he's gone at camp - with baseball cards enclosed. Today's letter was written by Mr. Rosenberg.

Hi There Super-Buddy!
Hope you are having an excellent time. Mom and I are spending most of our time dressing Teddy up like you and trying to get him to play baseball. It's not working very well! We love you and miss you tremendously! Please say hello to Adam and Caleb (and Todd.)

P.S. (Happy Face Saying 'Fart.' A copy of the picture Bob often likes using to sign off his letters.)

Camp Bus Driver and Counselor Todd.


  1. A happy face saying fart is making me smile right now when not much else is.

    Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Mr. R.

  2. The farting happy face is hysterical...Mr. R is truly a gem! And I'm almost certain that all the boys are going to want to be just like Counselor Todd when they grow up. :)

    1. Of course! We all want to be just like Counselor Todd! xo