Monday, October 24, 2016

What ARE you?

My DNA results.

"What are you?" is a question I've heard all my life. I've often struggled to answer because there seemed to be so many right answers.

I had some information about my ancestry that I had every reason to believe was accurate. And then, I did a DNA test and got this information back that contained a few surprises. Yes, Native American. I know. Iberian Penninsula, I knew that - Basque has always been in the story. 51% Great Britain? That's news. I knew some - but not 51%. And then Italy/Greece? Never heard those before.

So, what am I? There's still no quick answer - except this one: I'm 100% fantastic.


  1. You are 100% fantastic! This is SO interesting...I would love to have this done! I am mostly Irish and also some Austrian in my ancestry.

  2. great! I'd like to try that, but I doubt I'd be surprised. Mormons do family trees like nobody's business, so my ancestors are tracked back to the 1400s (not kidding).

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