Monday, February 13, 2017

The Smacksy February Happy Good Things Thing - Day 13

At Tina Nails, where I get the occasional pedicure, there is a small altar maintained by the Vietnamese women that are employed by Tina. The altar is set up on a shelf. It's filled with incense and candles, a houseplant, and a few small religious statues. Every morning, on their way into work, one of the technicians drives-thru McDonalds. When she arrives at the salon, she places a food offering to the gods - a fresh Egg McMuffin - on the altar.

I have a few little altar areas at our place. (No McMuffins there. Yet.) Today we are going to make our own altars. This is just a small shelf or tabletop in your home that will hold a few items that are important to you.This will be a spot where you can rest your eyes on a number of inspiring objects. When you are at your altar, light a candle and say a prayer or mantra or affirmation. Add new pieces to your altar when the mood strikes. This is just for you.

Need some ideas? Here are a few things that have made an appearance in my altar spaces:

David Bowie Saint Candle
A Blue Feather
Stone With "Faith" Engraved on it
A Mandarin
Vintage Toy Red Station Wagon
Pyramid of Keurig Coffee Pods
Sprig of Rosemary
An Ashtray From Hotel Barriere le Fouquet's Paris
Various Clay Figures Made by Bob
Tiny Jar of Mr. Rosenberg's Guitar Picks
Book of Psalms
Silver Dish of Sea Glass and Shells
Handmade Silk Tassel From Venice
Gold Locket
Two Small Ceramic Owls
Matchbox Filled With Miracle Dirt From el Santaurio de Chimayo
Limoges Box in the Shape of a Typewriter
Fresh Flowers
Photo of my Grandmother
Bottle of Chanel #5
Homemade Mix Tape of Elvis Costello's My Aim is True and Trust
Turquoise Glitter Christmas Ornament Made by Bob
Heart Shaped Ring Dishes
Fancy Matches
Jar Filled With Sand From the Beach Mr. Rosenberg and I Went to on Our First Date

Make an altar.
Get happy.
See you tomorrow.

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